Storify sold to Livefyre

September 9, 2013
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Livefyre has bought Storify, whose online tool makes it easy to tell stories using tweets and other media, the companies announced Monday.

Storify’s free product will continue, the release says. Its paid products, currently offered by tiers, will be merged into one offering.

Storify cofounders Xavier Damman and Burt Herman will move to Livefyre along with their product, as will Storify’s employees.

Herman told Mathew Ingram the acquisition will make it easier for Storify to expand its paid offerings: “They have a sales force already that is doing quite well selling contracts to major publishers, they have a VP of native advertising and they are doing deals where they are selling experiences, getting publishers on board and then getting brands on board — stuff that we had wanted to eventually do but haven’t had the resources.”

Storify makes the announcement via — what else? — a Storify.