As Serial adjourns, the Internet gives a collective shriek

December 18, 2014

Serial, the podcasting phenomenon that launched a thousand hot takes, has just ended its first season. If you could call what happened this morning an ending.

Before you read any further, you should know that this article contains spoilers. Not any spoilers of the definitive, open-and-shut-case kind, but rather a hair-tearing, foot-stomping reaction to a months-long murder mystery that we’ve all become hugely invested in. Here’s what Serial listeners had to say about the season one finale:

Not everyone was upset, though. Many listeners said that Sarah Koenig, the show’s host, had the courage to tell an honest and ambiguous story:

And some listeners just seem to be in denial, still:

Don’t worry, Serial nation. You have time to be infuriated anew when the next season debuts.