Economist launches a daily edition for your phone

November 6, 2014
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The Economist | The Guardian

The Economist launched a new product on Thursday, The Economist Espresso, that’s a daily weekday mobile edition of the magazine. The Economist, which is a weekly, announced the new product on Thursday.

“It distills what’s important from the news, giving you a concentrated shot of global analysis that can be consumed quickly as part of your morning routine.” Here’s the full video:

Mark Sweney wrote about Espresso for The Guardian on Thursday, noting in the subhead that it “will be 171-year-old weekly magazine’s first daily edition.” It’s free to digital subscriber and $3.99 a month otherwise, he reported.

Chris Stibbs, chief executive of the Economist, said the new product opens up a market of potentially 200 million online readers.

“There is a huge market out there we couldn’t get to in print that we can potentially reach now,” he said.