Ernie Pyle sculpture will be unveiled at Indiana University this fall

June 6, 2014
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Indiana University

Ernie Pyle’s name isn’t on the journalism school at Indiana University as some have demanded, and the journalism school is moving from Ernie Pyle Hall, but in October, his sculpture will be out front of what will become the home of The Media School. On Friday, Indiana University’s school of journalism reported that the statue of Pyle will be unveiled at homecoming this fall.

IU President Michael McRobbie is scheduled to lead the unveiling and dedication of the sculpture Friday, Oct. 17. The sculpture will be located near the Sample Gates and Franklin Hall, future home of The Media School.

In October, Poynter reported on the merger between different schools at IU, including the journalism school, to become The Media School.

Save Ernie Pyle Hall is a Facebook page that continues to call for a greater recognition of Pyle at the school. Here’s what the group posted in February, when news of the statue’s commission was reported.