Jill Abramson defends Alessandra Stanley: ‘You try doing that job’

November 6, 2014
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You’ve likely read a lot already about the Journalism and Women Symposium session with former New York Times Executive Editor Jill Abramson, but on Thursday morning, Richard Prince pointed out another notable moment — Abramson on Alessandra Stanley.

“…when (Washington Post) columnist Mary C. Curtis asked Abramson about September’s furor over Stanley’s labeling of television producer Shonda Rhimes an ‘angry black woman,’ Abramson said she had to ‘push back,'” Prince wrote.

Abramson said she was aware of what Stanley had written about Shonda Rhimes, but “Alessandra has been a female TV critic for a long time and all of the critics, but especially the women critics at the Times, face a hail of bullets constantly.”

“And, okay, one review she wrote might have a regrettable or ‘tone deaf’ phrase in it, but you try doing that job! It is tough to be a culture critic at the New York Times, and it’s tough to be a woman in that job…and over time I think Alessandra has become one of the most engaging critics in journalism today.”

Here’s the full video; those comments come around the 28th minute:

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