John Cook leaves The Intercept

November 13, 2014
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Intercept Editor-in-Chief John Cook is leaving the publication and returning to Gawker Media to run investigations, an individual with knowledge of the hire tells Poynter. Cook was previously editor of Gawker. He announced he’d leave that publication for the First Look Media-owned property in March.

Update: Gawker Media confirms the hire and talks about what it means in terms of its plans for a more unified editorial approach.

Vanity Fair’s Sarah Ellison first reported Cook’s departure and new job.

Cook was one of the authors of an Intercept piece that examined why Matt Taibbi left First Look Media. The story laid the blame for his departure on a disconnect between “First Look executives, who by and large come from a highly structured Silicon Valley corporate environment, and the fiercely independent journalists who view corporate cultures and management-speak with disdain.” The Intercept, the story said, “was able to resolve most of these conflicts.”