Journalist struck by cop in Berkeley protests

December 9, 2014
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The San Francisco Chronicle | KTVU

Sam Wolson, a freelance photojournalist working for The San Francisco Chronicle, was struck on the head with a baton by a police officer on Saturday night in Berkeley, Henry K. Lee reported Monday for the Chronicle. Katie Utehs, a reporter with KTVU, and a news photographer were also caught between police and protesters, Lee reported.

In a tweet, Wolson says he was hit by police four times.

Wolson’s whack on the head resulted in a minor concussion, Lee reported. You can see it for yourself here (around the 30-second mark):

Utehs also tweeted about what happened.

Utehs wrote about what happened for KTVU on Sunday:

Emotions and adrenaline surged from both sides, swirling into a chaotic scene while some tried to keep the anti-violence message strong.

KTVU crews became caught in the current and were jabbed by a baton and pushed back from the police line all as people hurled rocks at officers. At one point an officer was hit in the back of the head with a large bat shaped object.

On Monday, Lee reported, Berkeley police issued a statement recommending that journalists stay on the sidelines. Student Press Law Center’s Anna Schiffbauer reported at a CUNY journalism student was arrested in New York last week while covering protests. In November, I wrote about what journalists need to know about their rights while covering Ferguson, and from August, what to do if you’re arrested.