Judge orders former Village Voice reporter to turn over documents

April 23, 2014
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New York Post

A federal judge has ordered journalist Graham Rayman to turn over documents he gathered while reporting on police misconduct, Rich Calder reports in the New York Post.

Rayman, a former Village Voice reporter, is the author of the Village Voice series and the book “The NYPD Tapes,” which details police misconduct using recordings from Adrian Schoolcraft, who was also a police officer.

The items include statements by Schoolcraft, e-mails that the Brooklyn cop sent Rayman and a memo from Schoolcraft regarding “NYPD misconduct.”
Schoolcraft filed a $50 million lawsuit in 2010 against the city alleging he was forced to spend time in a mental ward after saying cops at the 81st Precinct fudged crime stats.

In 2010, This American Life featured the story.