Kathy Gannon: ‘I’m going back to Afghanistan, for sure’

December 4, 2014
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“I’m going to go back to Afghanistan, for sure,” Kathy Gannon says in an interview with Susan Ormiston. Gannon and fellow AP journalist Anja Niedringhaus were shot in Afghanistan in April; Niedringhaus “died instantly,” Gannon says.

“I just feel more just sad that she’s not here,” Gannon says about Niedringhaus. “I just miss her all the time.”

Gannon has had “had 14 surgeries on her arms, shoulder and hand,” the CBC reports. “I’ve done some writing using just these fingers, and I’m getting really fast,” Gannon says.

“I’m definitely going back,” Gannon says. “And I know Anja would be exactly the same. I am not going to let some crazy gunman decide my future.” She says, “there are wonderful stories to be told, still, and I want to tell them.”