New Yorker editor watches cartoons come to life on ‘Late Night’

July 23, 2014

Late Night With Seth Meyers

Talk about sketch comedy.

David Remnick appeared on Late Night With Seth Meyers last night for a discussion about the international tension between Russia and Ukraine, in which Remnick compared Russia’s state-controlled media to a legion of Glenn Beck clones:

“Imagine if Glenn Beck were appointed by the president — hard to imagine this president — but appointed by George Bush, as it were; and there were many Glenn Becks all over television, and that was all the information you were getting about the world.”

Then, he stood next to Meyers and watched as The Late Night Players re-enacted cartoons that have appeared in The New Yorker over the years. Watch as Remnick and Meyers play for the camera while the New Yorker editor explains the high-brow punchlines that were once confined to bubbles:

Meyers, who played a fake newsman on Saturday Night Live, has had used journalism as fodder for comedy before. In 2012, Meyers skewered Arianna Huffington with a bit that mocked the Huffington Post’s penchant for aggregation. At the 2011 White House Correspondents Dinner, Meyers also cracked jokes about The New York Times paywall.



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