NewsWhip: Interaction with news content on Facebook up 23 percent in three months

July 2, 2014
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Between January and April, interactions with news content on Facebook jumped 23 percent, according to NewsWhip, a Dublin-based social data company that tracks about 250,000 stories per day.

NewsWhip defines an interaction as a share, comment or like. “Total interactions for English language news content tracked by NewsWhip on Facebook rose from 393.6m in January to 482.8m in April,” the company wrote in an infographic on its blog:


The increased interactions can likely be attributed in part to the fact that Facebook keeps adding new users every quarter. The social network had 802 million daily active users as of March, up from 757 million in December 2013 and 665 million in March 2013.

But Facebook has also been tweaking its News Feed algorithm to surface more relevant news and “higher quality” content. It’s also possible that some news organizations have responded to all the recent hype about the Web being a “Facebook-dominated world” and have doubled down on efforts to get referrals from the platform where 30 percent of U.S. adults get news.

NewsWhip also found that 80 sites saw more than 1 million or more interactions per month with their Facebook content in May. Last November, just 44 sites had that much interaction.


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