Nick Denton: Discontinue print version of Washington Post, send out Kindles

February 21, 2014
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In a wide-ranging Playboy interview with Jeff Bercovici, Gawker Media honcho Nick Denton talked about why he respected Steve Jobs, hates liberals and isn’t particularly interested in wearable computing. He also talked about some media competitors:

PLAYBOY: If you’re Jeff Bezos, what do you do with The Washington Post?

DENTON: Obviously you apply the Amazon recommendation engine. The interesting move would be to see whether you could take an entire newspaper-reading population and wean them off print. The price of Kindles is coming down. How much would it cost to bundle a Kindle with your subscription to The Washington Post? Discontinue the print and, as a gift, give everybody a Washington Post reader that can also buy books for them. That’s what I’d do. That’s what Bezos would do if he were ballsy.