NYT launches ‘The Upshot,’ its data-driven news-explainer thing

April 22, 2014
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The New York Times Company | The Upshot

The Upshot, a new data-driven New York Times publication, launched Tuesday. It aims to help readers “better navigate the news,” the Times says in a press release. The site “will focus on politics, policy and economics, with a particular emphasis on the 2014 elections, the state of the economy, economic mobility and health care.”

Its staff believes “many people don’t understand the news as well as they would like,” Upshot Editor David Leonhardt writes in a welcome note, and those people would like to be able to “explain the whys and hows of those stories to their friends, relatives and colleagues.”

The Upshot will rely on data to “illuminate and explain the news,” Leonhardt writes, and its first-day stories include a model that projects Democrats’ chances to keep control of the U.S. Senate and another that says the United States’ middle class is now less wealthy than Canada’s.

The Upshot joins a suddenly bustling market of publications that hope to bring context to the news, including Vox (“explaining the news“) and FiveThirtyEight (“we hope to contribute to your understanding of the news in a variety of ways“).

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