Reporters covering Malaysia Airlines crash

July 17, 2014
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Here’s a first draft of a list with journalists covering the crash of the Malaysia Airlines flight, either from Ukraine or neighboring countries. I’ve started a Twitter list of reporters covering this, email or tweet more to me at or @kristenhare.

The Associated Press:

Pete Leonard, @pete_leonard.


Anton Zverev, @Zreuters, is an editor in Moscow.

Al Jazeera America:

Scott Heidler, @ScottHeidler, is in Ukraine.

Rory Challands, @rorychallandsAJ, is in Moscow.

Stephanie Scawen, @tvsteph, is covering from Kuala Lumpur.

The Los Angeles Times:

Sergei L. Loiko is in Moscow.

Victoria Butenko is in Kiev.

Carol J Williams, @cjwilliamslat, is a foreign correspondent.

The New York Times:

Sabrina Tavernise, @stavernise, is at the crash site. The Times says her updates are being tweeted from @nytimesworld.

Noah Sneider, @NoahSneider, is also at the crash site.

David Herszenhorn, @herszenhorn, is covering the crash from Moscow and is headed for Kiev.

Neil MacFarquhar, @NeilMacFarquhar, is covering the news from Moscow.


Corey Flintoff, @CoreyFlintoff, is NPR’s correspondent in Russia.

Anthony Kuhn covers southeast Asia.


Pierre Crom, @PierreCrom, is a photographer working in Ukraine.


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