Storify adds a way to collaborate on breaking news

October 7, 2014
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Storify now has a way for journalists to collaborate on breaking news, Livefyre announced Tuesday. Storify Enterprise, which was previously Storify VIP, lets several people “simultaneously add text or content in real-time, see who else is working on the story at any moment and access the editing history to clearly identify what changes were made by whom,” according to a post on Livefyre by Samantha Hauser.

“Covering stories has always been a collaborative process, and that’s even more true when you’re sifting through huge volumes of social media for a breaking story or brand campaign. While part of the team seeks out great photos and quotes, others craft the story and give context,” explained Burt Herman, co-founder of Storify and vice president of editorial at Livefyre. “Storify Enterprise delivers on what our users have long wanted: true collaboration that enables everyone to easily tell stories together.”

Storify Enterprise is for larger customers and the cost varies per customer, Lynne Cox, vice president with Livefyre Communications, said in an email. According to Hauser’s piece, news sites partnering with Storify Enterprise for the launch “include The Wall Street Journal, Mashable and The Globe and Mail.” The free version of Storify also has a few new updates, including autosave and anchored links.

In 2013, my colleague Andrew Beaujon wrote about Livefyre’s purchase of Storify. Last November, my colleague Sam Kirkland wrote about Twitter’s custom timelines and liveblogging platforms, including ScribbleLive.

Here’s a recent Storify from the Boston Globe, live-blogging a trial: