Students plan #pointergate protest

November 12, 2014


Students at Augsburg College in Minneapolis plan to protest an appearance by Stanley Hubbard. Hubbard is the chairman of Hubbard Broadcasting, whose KSTP accused Minneapolis’ mayor of “flashing a known gang sign.” The reaction to the story online has become known as #pointergate.

Hubbard is scheduled to speak at the college Thursday as part of the university’s Strommen Speaker Series.

Students organizations including the campus’ Minnesota Public Interest Research Group chapter, the Pan-Afrikan Student Union Student Union and Students for Racial Justice will hold a rally during Hubbard’s appearance in the hopes that it will prompt an apology from KSTP, said Ryan Kennedy, executive director of the Minnesota Public Interest Research Group.

“If he wanted an apology to be issued, it’s pretty clear that an apology would be issued,” Kennedy said. “So this is an attempt to tell KSTP and Hubbard Broadcasting that this isn’t going away.”