Students stole 700 papers for a prank, not because they hated content

October 28, 2014
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Student Press Law Center

Earlier this month, 710 copies of Pepperdine Graphic were found in a dorm room at Pepperdine University, Anna Schiffbauer reported Monday for the Student Press Law Center. Schiffbauer reported that three students admitted to stealing the papers, and they were planning to “wad them up and fill a friend’s dorm room as a prank.”

The first theft of the papers was reported in September and thought to be because of what was on the front page.

At the time, the staff and adviser believed the thefts could be an attempt to censor a front-page article about an alcohol-related car accident involving a Pepperdine student.

“When you take free newspapers with the intention of just wadding them for a prank, it’s really inconsiderate of the hard work that goes into it,” (Adviser Elizabeth) Smith said. “I don’t want them to just see us as physical paper on a stand.”

The students haven’t been named, Schiffbauer reported.

In April, I wrote about a fraternity in Michigan that did trash the paper because of the content. Then they tweeted about it.

Photo illustration from Deposit Photos.

Photo illustration from Deposit Photos.