University may sell radio station after ‘Sexy Snapchats’ promotion somehow goes wrong

July 23, 2014
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Student Press Law Center

In April, KCPR’s sex talk show “Getting It In,” held a fundraiser with the promise that after donating $20, people would get “a week of sexy snapchats featuring the hosts of Getting It In!” The show’s hosts, Logan Cooper and Sean Martinez, had to stop broadcasting in May, Jenna Spoont reported Monday for Student Press Law Center, and officials at California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo are now considering selling the station., an independent news website located in San Luis Obispo, reported Thursday on emails they obtained through the California Public Records Act, which hint that the school could sell the station.

“I am beginning to believe that we should sell the radio license,” Douglas Epperson, dean of the college of liberal arts, said in an email sent on May 19, adding that the university has had an offer. “What were they thinking and how could it go so far with faculty completely unaware!!!”

Only one person donated to the fundraiser, Spoont reported.

Student journalists push boundaries pretty frequently. Sometimes it doesn’t work out so well. Last December, Daniel Reimold wrote for Poynter about top student media content that went viral. Among the notables was the plan for a front-page spread featuring 18 closeups of vaginas. Honi Soit, the student newspaper at the University of Sydney, Australia, had to put black bars over those 18 vaginas when the school learned of the photographs.

But upon the issue’s distribution on campus “it was discovered the black bars were transparent and did little to cover the vaginas.” Administrators swooped in, carrying out a “dramatic recall” of all 4,000 copies of the issue.

Sometimes pushing those boundaries does work out, though, or they’re at least funny. Reimold, with College Media Matters, ran a post on June 18 called “30 Funniest Student Press Headlines of the Year.” Those headlines include “No one sure how very tall man, very short woman have sex,” “Why aren’t machines doing all our bullshit jobs?” and “Problems concussion I have no | by Football Player.”


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