‘Weiner!’ column debuts as the sidebar to his life

March 28, 2014
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Business Insider | The Washington Post

Anthony Weiner made his Business Insider columnist debut Friday morning with “Weiner!”

You might be surprised to see me launch this column by defending a conservative like Gov. Chris Christie, but when it comes to his administration’s beef with Tesla Motors, I think he might be getting a bad rap.

(I personally have a journalism pet peeve about the phrase “when it comes to” because when does it ever come to? But that’s another story, I suppose.)

On Thursday, Richard Leiby wrote for The Washington Post about Weiner’s column and the politically-disgraced who’ve come before him. They may go on “Dancing With the Stars” or take up lobbying, or they could write for a living.

Leiby offers this from Weiner at the end.

“This is scratching an itch that I still have to be part of the conversation without having to be in public life,” he says. “I don’t see it as a runway back in; I see it as more of a glide path out of public life.” Pause. “That’s a pretty good line! I could use it.”

Then: “This will be a sidebar to my life story. See, I said ‘sidebar,’ ” a journalistic term of art. “I’m a natural at this, brother.”