What Bill Keller learned from Glenn Greenwald

July 7, 2014
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In an interview with Joe Coscarelli, Marshall Project editor-in-chief Bill Keller talked about the startup’s coming launch, and what he learned from watching the launches of FiveThirtyEight, Vox and First Look Media’s The Intercept:

Well, one thing that stuck out — I watched with great interest the launch of the Intercept, Glenn Greenwald’s venture. Because that is a very different undertaking but what it has in common is that it doesn’t have an established business model. At least in the outset, it’s going to be dependent on the confidence of backers with resources. In that case, one backer with resources. Glenn kind of launched with a bang and then disappeared for a while. You could see in the Twittersphere, and in the comments, that readers were sort of bewildered by that. The lesson I’m inclined to draw from that is that you should launch when you can sustain. Once you’ve whetted people’s appetite, you need to deliver.