Women more likely to report kindness on the Internet than men

February 27, 2014
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Women “are more likely than men to have been treated kindly (74% vs. 66%)” on the Internet, a Pew survey released Thursday says. “There were not statistically significant differences between online women and men when it comes to being treated unkindly or attacked by someone online.”

People under 29 were more likely to report seeing both good and awful behavior online, and those over 65 “were the most likely to say people were mostly kind—85% of them said so.”

Those findings are part of Pew’s rolling report on the Web’s 25th birthday — Sir Tim Berners-Lee wrote a paper in 1989 proposing a distributed, hypertext-based system for sharing information.

A strong majority of Internet users surveyed by Pew say people online are “mostly kind.” Please feel free to attack these findings (or me for sharing them!) using whichever Internet platform you prefer.