Ann Coulter calls debates on removing Confederate flag ‘moronic,’ likens herself to Bob Woodward

June 23, 2015
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Screen shot, C-SPAN

Screen shot, C-SPAN

The rarely understated syndicated columnist Ann Coulter on Tuesday labeled as “moronic” calls for removing the Confederate flag from the South Carolina State Capitol grounds.

Appearing on C-SPAN, the conservative author was asked her views on the ongoing debate about the flag.

“I think it’s completely moronic,” she said.

Her comments came amid growing mainstream newspaper editorials calling for removing the flag, including The New York Times, Washington Post, New York Daily News and Denver Post.

“This is an awful, awful thing that happened in Charleston,” she said. “Luckily, it’s quite rare.”

But, she continued, “To jump on this and go back to a litany of liberal talking points that make Republicans look bad, how about banning the Democratic Party? They were the ones on the Confederate side of the Civil War. They were the ones who supported segregation for 100 years.”

Coulter predictably lambasted mainstream media coverage, along the way targeting MSNBC. She criticized it for allegedly misinterpreting history when it came to both the origins of flying the flag and the Democratic Party’s original opposition to civil rights.

She proceeded to link the whole issue to what she argued was the best way “to do something nice for black people,” namely “ending immigration which is dumping millions of low-wage workers on the country, taking jobs from African Americans, as innumerable studies have shown.”

Coulter was hawking “Adios, America!” a new book making the case against immigration reform. She said it is succeeding despite “total blacklisting form mainstream media.”

It was then that she chose to cite a mainstream bastion, The New York Times, as validation by noting how she has been on its best-seller list for 11 of her books. The mention came amid at least once caller’s professed chagrin that C-SPAN was even having her on.

“I’m the female Bob Woodward except I don’t have researchers or co-writers,” she said, apparently alluding to her success.

Facetiously, she said, “Thank you, C-SPAN, for making the tough decision to have an 11-times New York Times best-seller on.”

Democrats probably found scant solace in her appearance other than, perhaps, some distinct bashing of Republicans by her.

When it comes to immigration, she finds many congressional Republicans as deserving of ridicule as liberals. The book itself skewers “Democrats, the rich, Washington lobbyists, Republican consultants and money grubbing churches.”

That helps explain why she indicated there was a mistake in the book’s sub-title: “The Left’s Plan to Turn Our Country into a Third World Hellhole.”

She would have preferred simply, “The Plan…”