Brace yourself: ‘Significant changes’ are coming to AP Stylebook’s sports section

March 23, 2015
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American Copy Editors Society

It’s nearly that time of year when The Associated Press releases its annual revised edition of the AP Stylebook, driving many copy editors of the world bonkers with new guidelines.

Last year the AP removed the distinction between “over” and “more than,” drawing forth a torrent of puns and bewilderment from Poynter readers. In 2013, the stylebook editors decreed that underway should be written as one word rather than two.

And this month at the American Copy Editors Society convention, AP editors will reveal “changes in the 2015 AP stylebook, including significant changes to the sports category,” according to the convention’s program.

The changes will be described on March 27 by AP Stylebook co-editor David Minthorn and Philana Patterson, an assistant business editor at the AP. The new stylebook will be launched on May 27, according to a tweet from the AP Stylebook Twitter account.