Career Beat: Javier Zarracina is graphics editor at Vox

April 3, 2015
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Good morning! Here are some career updates from the journalism community:

  • Alexandra Manzano is now deputy social media editor for the Los Angeles Times. Previously, she was social media editor at The Oregonian. (@AliManzano)
  • Javier Zarracina is now graphics editor at Vox. Previously, he was graphics and data editor at the Los Angeles Times. (Email)
  • Raúl Martinez is now corporate creative director at Condé Nast. Previously, he was design director at Vogue. (Media Moves)
  • Sarykarmen Rivera is now news anchor at WVEA-62 in Tampa. Previously, she was interim news anchor there. (Media Moves)
  • Kathy Kiely is now Washington news director at Bloomberg Politics. Previously, she was managing editor at the Sunlight Foundation. (Politico)
  • Chris Bodenner will be a senior editor at The Atlantic. Previously, he was executive editor for The Dish. Emily Anne Epstein is now visual editor at The Atlantic. Previously, she was news editor there. (Email)

Job of the day: Marketplace is looking for a senior editor and bureau chief. Get your résumés in! (The Maynard Institute)

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