Career Beat: Lisa Cericola named senior food editor at Southern Living

November 10, 2015
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Good morning! Here are some career updates from the journalism community:

  • Lisa Cericola is now senior food editor at Southern Living. Previously, she was features editor at Food Network Magazine. (Email)
  • Dominic Fails is now senior vice president of local media sales at Univision. Previously, he was vice president and director of sales for Univision’s local media stations in Chicago. (Email)
  • Kyle Trygstad is now editor of National Journal Hotline. Previously, he was features editor at Roll Call. (Poynter)
  • Emily Yoffe is now a contributing editor at The Atlantic. Previously, she was a regular contributor to Slate. (Email)
  • Mallory Ortberg is now Slate’s “Dear Prudence” columnist. She is co-founder of The Toast. (Slate)
  • Stephanie Zacharek will be TIME’s film critic. Previously, she was chief film critic for Voice Media Group. Daniel D’Addario will be TIME’s TV critic. Previously, he was a staff writer at TIME. (Email)

Job of the day: The Denver Post is looking for a business writer. Get your resumes in! (Journalism Jobs)

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