Columnist suing L.A. Times has unusual legal assistant: Stephen Glass

October 16, 2015
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An age discrimination trial plods on in Los Angeles with the columnist-plaintiff’s legal team including a notorious fabricator.

Stephen Glass, who gained undesired attention by making up stories for the New Republic, is part of the law firm assisting T.J Simers, a former Los Angeles Times columnist alleging age discrimination by the paper.

Writes LAObserved: “People observing the trial have said that Simers’ legal team includes Stephen Glass, the former magazine writer who was caught fabricating stories for the New Republic and became the subject of the 2003 film ‘Shattered Glass.'”

“He graduated from Georgetown law school and has passed the California bar exam, but the State Supreme Court last year rejected Glass’ bid to be admitted to the Bar as a lawyer. He is identified by Carpenter, Zuckerman & Rowley as a non-lawyer trial team coordinator for the law firm. Courtney Rowley is Simers’ lead attorney.”

He is “director of special projects” at the firm, where he’s worked since 2004.

Simers alleged that he was discriminated against when losing his column. He moved to The Orange County Register and is seeking $18 million. The paper roundly denies the charges and cites a variety of reasons, including violation of journalism ethics, for its move.

One local legal affairs publication has cited a variety of seemingly incriminating admissions involving Simers, suggested his case is weak and wondered, “Can you please remind me why the Times didn’t win summary judgment?”

As for what’s happened to Glass in the years since his outrageous fabrications, an old friend, Hanna Rosin, caught up with him last year and crafted a long, nuanced piece for the New Republic.