Donald Trump launches two-tweet tirade against POLITICO

October 7, 2015
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POLITICO found itself in the crosshairs of Donald Trump on Wednesday, as the perennial media critic and presidential candidate railed against the Rosslyn-based political news outlet.

Trump dashed off a two-tweet attack that called POLITICO journalists “clowns” who are “totally dishonest.”

Katie Glueck, a politics reporter at POLITICO, asked Trump for specifics, but he didn’t elaborate.

Trump’s assault on POLITICO is only the latest attack in a slew of disparaging tweets targeting various news organizations and their journalists. The real estate mogul-turned presidential candidate has offered critiques of The New York Times reporter Jonathan Martin, “Fox News Sunday” host Chris Wallace and “The Kelly File”‘s Megyn Kelly, which touched off a full-on war between Trump and the cable news network. He previously accused POLITICO of covering him inaccurately and claimed it was “losing lots of money,” without citing specifics.