Front page of the day: Immigrants and refugees in Europe

August 21, 2015
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The front page of the day for Friday comes from Libération in France, which led with a 16-page special section on immigrants and refugees in Europe. Via Kiosko:


Included in the package is a Q and A with François Gemenne, “a political scientist at the University of Liège and at Sciences-Po Paris.” Here’s what Gemenne said about the role the media plays in people’s attitudes on immigrants and refugees (translated via Google Translate:)

Media coverage does play a role in this perception?

The media has a huge responsibility, especially those that strengthen the offset between the empirical reality of the phenomenon and the story that is made. Some even dictate immigration policy to the Government, such as the Sun or the Daily Mail in Britain, and do not hesitate to relay about to limit incitement to racial hatred, leaving unmoderated comments on their sites . The responsibility also due to the magnifying effect and the vocabulary used. When we speak of “crisis,” of “waves,” it helps maintain the confusion between asylum seekers, economic migrants, legal or illegal. Mix these courses, these stories, these destinies is revolting. Political leaders do not hesitate to practice the State xenophobia, as David Cameron, who speaks of “cloud”. He would use the same vocabulary if these people were Europeans?