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September 14, 2015
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The Poynter Institute is hosting a Mobile News Summit at Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism in New York City beginning Monday morning. The best way to follow the conversation is on Twitter at #mobilenews15.

Emily Bell, Director, Tow Center for Digital Journalism, Columbia University and Kelly McBride, Poynter’s vice president of academic programs, will open the summit with an overview of the rapidly changing and highly innovative world of mobile and how newsrooms can adapt to the reality of this fast growth.

“There’s so much going on with mobile, it’s hard to keep track of the trends and the big picture. I hope we’ll be able to pin both down at this summit so that news organizations everywhere can benefit from the best knowledge,” said McBride.

The focus of the summit is audience engagement, new revenue and content types that are generating some measure of success within newsrooms with a mobile strategy.

Sessions include:

— What it takes to motivate and inspire a team to build innovative news apps that create a better user experience, with Stacy-Marie Ishmael, managing editor for mobile news at BuzzFeed; Damon Kiesow, head of mobile initiatives at McClatchy Interactive; and David Sleight, design director at ProPublica.

– How to foster new ideas and approaches, with Jaime Holguin, manager of news development at The Associated Press; Callie Schweitzer, editorial director of audience strategy at TIME; and Kinsey Wilson, editor for innovation and strategy and executive vice president of product and technology at The New York Times.

— McBride and David Clinch, global news editor at Storyful, will talk the ethics and implication of live-streaming, the process that helps reporters make critical decisions, and how this form of storytelling can be a effective journalistic tool and add complexities and elevation to a story.

“There isn’t a clear blueprint to follow, which is equally exciting and daunting, and I expect the discussions that take place during the event will reflect that,” said Katie Hawkins-Gaar, Poynter’s digital innovation faculty member, who will be moderating a panel. “Sometimes the best approach is to gather smart people in a room and learn from our shared experiences.”

Here’s what we’ve heard so far today:

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