Is Jason Rezaian’s legal fate now tied up in Iran nuke talks?

June 23, 2015
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Two weeks after the last closed court proceeding in Iran, there was no word Tuesday on what’s up with Washington Post correspondent Jason Rezaian.

Post officials told Poynter they remain essentially in the dark. There have been two sessions of his “espionage” trial but the last one was two weeks ago.

The trial is closed even to the American-Iranian correspondent’s family. President Obama, the Post and a variety of journalism groups have protested what they deem the absurdity of the charges.

The longer there is a lack of a resolution, the more one might speculate as to whether his drama is linked to ongoing international talks, led by the U.S., over the Iranian nuclear program.

The current deadline for those negotiations is June 30.

Hooman Majd, a New York-based Iran expert, said in an email, “Not hearing it from anyone, but given the pace I’d have to assume his fate is in some ways tied to the outcome.”