Judith Miller talks smack in new book

April 7, 2015
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The Washington Post

Erik Wemple, The Washington Post’s media blogger, reports a few of the dishier details to be found in former New York Times reporter Judith Miller’s new book, “The Story: A Reporter’s Journey.” Miller, Wemple writes, details how she threatened a nervous, pacing Bill Keller over the first draft of an editor’s note apologizing for sloppy reporting in the run-up to the 2003 invasion of Iraq, specifically citing many of her stories. “You’ll also have to explain why I’ll be denouncing my own paper on CNN,” Miller claims she told him. Miller also sticks it to former Washington Post media reporter Howard Kurtz and Howard Gardner, a Harvard professor who once cited Miller as an example of how not to act responsibly in the workplace — but didn’t mention her Pulitzer Prize.