Like bad virus, Pittsburgh newspaper spat spreads to more hospitals

June 26, 2015
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The sale of copies of the Post-Gazette, the city’s top news outlet, has now been banned in five hospitals affiliated with the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.

First, it was a ban in the gift shops of three hospitals as the center complained of unfair coverage.

That prompted the newspaper to editorialize against the move.

Now the center has added two more hospitals to the list as of Monday. The papers are purchased in bulk so the hospitals can provide some free copies to patients, staff and visitors.

And while some of the hospitals have provided bedside delivery of the paper to patients, that’s being scrapped, too, by peeved hospital officials.

The center told employees Thursday that the paper’s “hostile editorials and insensitive cartoons have bled over into slanted news coverage.”

As they outlined in the paper’s editorial, Post-Gazette officials say that’s simply untrue.