Lumberjack: Now better than being a newspaper reporter

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Screen shot.

CareerCast’s annual jobs rated report has “newspaper reporter” ranked dead last — worse than lumberjack, a profession which it beat last year.

Decreasing pay, growing stress and a contracting industry all contributed to the abysmal ranking, said Tony Lee, publisher of

“Newspaper reporter is one of the few jobs that actually has a negative growth rate,” Lee said.

A few of the jobs better than newspaper reporter, according to CareerCast: Lumberjack, enlisted military personnel, cook and corrections officer. Other media jobs don’t fare much better — photojournalist and broadcaster are also ranked near the bottom of the list.

In an explanation that accompanies the low rating, CareerCast notes that readers and advertisers are moving to online publications, which has put pressure on paper-and-ink news outlets.

This summer, CareerCast put newspaper reporters on the endangered jobs list, alongside travel agents and meter readers. In January, the site listed newspaper reporter on its list of the top 10 most stressful jobs. Despite the glum job outlook, Lee notes that journalists’ varied skillset makes them employable in other industries.

“There’s obviously a silver lining. Many of the people who’ve left the industry have had the ability to transfer those skills to a number of other functions.”

Correction: A earlier version of this headline contained an extra “than.” We’ve cut it out.


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