Newseum launches a site to help students explore the past through the news

October 7, 2015
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Newseum announced Wednesday that it launched a new site, NewseumED, which offers lessons plans and resources for elementary, middle and high school students “to make history relevant today and to help educators shed new light on current debates about the First Amendment and media ethics.”

The site (which is free to use after registering) has 86 lessons plans, including two collections on civil rights and suffragists. The lesson plans focus on three areas — historical connections, media literacy and civics and citizenship. In media literacy, students can examine how journalists worked in the past and how they work today.

According to the press release:

The educational content is framed by the freedoms and ideals protected by the First Amendment, which acts as a springboard to explore more about the opportunities and challenges of our democracy.

Here’s a look at some of the original documents in the collection, which include journalism from the time:

Screen shot from 'Women, Their Rights and Nothing Less: The First Amendment and the Women’s Suffrage Movement'

The Lily, 1852 (Screen shot, NewseumED)

Screen shot, ‘Daily Star’ Extra, April 7, 1865, NewseumEd

Daily Star Extra, April 7, 1865 (Screen shot, NewseumED)

Screen shot, Cleveland Daily Plain Dealer, Dec. 24, 1861, NewseumEd

Cleveland Daily Plain Dealer, Dec. 24, 1861 (Screen shot, NewseumED)

Screenshot from 'Making a Change: The First Amendment and the Civil Rights Movement'

Pittsburgh Courier, September 7, 1963 (Screen shot, NewseumED)

Screen shot, reporter Jim Purks' notebook from the 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama, 1963, NewseumEd

Reporter Jim Purks’ notebook from the 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama, 1963 (Screen shot, NewseumED)

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