No, CNN says, it won’t ‘host’ Clinton event with Jake Tapper

May 21, 2015
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USA Today reported Wednesday that CNN show host Jake Tapper was erroneously listed as a “’speaker” at a Clinton Global Initiative event in Denver next month.

On Thursday, CNN further amended its relationship to the gathering.

Following the newspaper’s inquiry to CNN, the designation of “speaker” had been removed from the GCI website. However, Tapper remains as a moderator of a panel, “The Business Case for Investing in America’s Workforce.”

On Thursday, I brought to the apparent initial attention of CNN that the panel was further listed as a “GCI Conversation Hosted by CNN.” That suggested a distinct partnership between the network and the Clinton organization.

CNN indicated the reference is wrong. It said Tapper is an unpaid moderator at a gathering that will also include his interview of former President Bill Clinton for on-air use.

The whole matter of journalists, especially those with a television high profile, speaking to groups or moderating panels (often for significant financial sums in both cases) is not itself new and often is rife with ethical ambiguities.

It is of current relevance largely due to the disclosures of ABC News anchor George Stephanopoulos that he donated $75,000 to the Clinton Foundation and didn’t even tell ABC.

That silence came despite the Clintons being frequent subjects of his professional work.

On Thursday, I still awaited a response from the Clinton Global Initiative about its website implication of a formal CNN involvement in the Denver event.

The website also indicates that, on the same day, there is a “CGI Conversation hosted by Bloomberg TV on “equity: Innovation, Technology, and Diversity.” to be hosted by Bloomberg anchor Betty Liu.