St. Louis Post-Dispatch lays off 8 from the newsroom

June 26, 2015
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The St. Louis Business Journal

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch has laid off eight newsroom employees, Jacob Kirn reported Friday for the St. Louis Business Journal.

The affected positions include four reporters, a clerk, copy editor, assistant editor and director. A maintenance employee is also being laid off.

The United Media Guild’s contract with Post-Dispatch owner Lee Enterprises allows employees not targeted for layoffs to voluntarily resign within two weeks, allowing those who were targeted to remain at the newspaper.

The United Media Guild also wrote about the layoffs from the Post-Dispatch, which is owned by Lee Enterprises. Kirn spoke with the Guild’s president, Jeff Gordon, who is a columnist for the Post-Dispatch. Gordon said “he’s confident some of the targeted reporters will remain at the newspaper as a few older individuals opt to leave.”

“They’re in the content business and yet they keep cutting,” Gordon said of Lee. “At a certain point you’re a hamburger place putting lettuce on buns.”