The Daily Show hires former Circa EIC Anthony De Rosa

September 21, 2015
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When “The Daily Show” begins its push to spread comedic news beyond its once-a-day television show this fall, it’ll have help from a real newsman: Anthony De Rosa, the former editor in chief of the mobile news startup Circa.

De Rosa announced Monday afternoon he’s joining the digital team, led by humorist and activist Baratunde Thurston, that aims to bring “The Daily Show”‘s humor to a wide swath of digital platforms.

Until recently, De Rosa was the top editor at Circa, a closely-watched startup that foundered this summer after it ran out of money. In a post on his personal website after the company ran out of gas, De Rosa called Circa “a product that spawned a whole new category.”

We got some stuff wrong, but there’s a hell of a lot we got right. There will be a time and place for me to expand on that, today is not that day. I’m delighted to see we’ve inspired many other apps to do part of what we did or attempt to. It’s great that we’ll see various elements of Circa live on through them.

“The Daily Show” will debut with host Trevor Noah at the tiller on Sept. 28.