The Washington Post and Univision will partner to cover the 2016 election

June 24, 2015
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The Washington Post

The Washington Post announced Wednesday that it will work with Univision to cover the 2016 presidential election. The partnership includes sponsorship of a forum for Republican candidates.

The Washington Post and Univision News will sponsor a Republican presidential candidates forum ahead of crucial primaries in March 2016 as part of a broader collaboration that will include groundbreaking polling, joint reporting projects and unprecedented coverage of Hispanic voters and the issues that matter most to this key demographic.

Kevin Merida, the Post’s managing editor, said in the piece on the site’s PR blog that the two organizations plan to offer thorough coverage of Hispanic voters.

“Hispanics are the fastest-growing electorate in America today and will be crucial in deciding the next U.S. president,” said Washington Post Managing Editor Kevin Merida. “We are thrilled to partner with Univision. Our goal is to produce together the most authoritative, innovative coverage of Hispanic voters ever seen during a presidential campaign cycle. We will delve into their lives, how they relate to the candidates and how the candidates relate to them.”