Tragic images of children captured by photojournalists over time

September 4, 2015
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In most cultures, children are valued as precious gifts of life — treasured icons of hope.

That stands in stark contrast to photographs circulated this week of a small, lifeless refugee child lying face-down on a Turkish beach with his bright red shirt, little blue cargo shorts and Velcro-strapped, sneakers. Almost immediately, the image became a symbol of the plight of refugees fleeing the Syrian crisis. When children are harmed, abused or neglected, the world gasps collectively — sometimes mobilizing to action. Such visceral stories are often best reported in words, sound and pictures. The news media did just that this week and the images struck audiences the deepest. We look back on other moving, iconic photos of children — often the casualties of life’s most bitter conflicts.

Note: The photographs have been blurred purposely due to their sensitive nature. Click on the images to reveal and hide them.

Timeline Produced by Gurman Bhatia