A win, a helicopter and lots of collaboration led to today’s Denver Post front page

February 10, 2016

Linda Shapley has waited about 10 years for the chance to see a front page like the one The Denver Post published Wednesday. When the Denver Broncos won the Super Bowl on Sunday, Tuesday’s victory parade offered the perfect chance. Here’s a look at how the wraparound looks to readers today:

And here’s the double truck presentation, via Newseum:

CO_DP (4)

The idea came from Matt Swaney, head of design. The newsroom also worked across departments with press operations and advertising to get a full color section.

“We were just waiting for the right photo,” said Shapley, the Post’s director of operations.

That photo came from photojournalist RJ Sangosti, who was above the crowd in a helicopter.

The page itself is similar to the front page published by the Kansas City Star after the Royals won the World Series. Shapley doesn’t think that page was a reference for this one, but she’s not surprised about the similarities.

“We recognize that’s a section that just says the crowds and the fans are the best thing out there,” Shapley said.

MO_KCS (2)

The Post thought about the page as a commemorative edition, Shapley said, knowing that it was something people would want to save. She quoted the Colorado Press Association, which ran a Getty image Sunday that showed a few Broncos players looking at the Post’s Stadium Edition.

It read: “When it’s worth remembering, you put it in print.”

Screenshot, Facebook

Screenshot, Facebook