November 30, 2018


Their marketing effort was intense. Every day before a Nov. 10 hate rally, The National Socialist Movement sent flyers area media outlets, including KARK-TV/Fox16 News. That sparked an internal debate inside the newsroom: to cover or not to cover?

News director Austin Kellerman fell into the "nope" camp.

"It started a conversation that included my feeling that there was enough going on, including an election, that needed our attention more," he told Poynter's Al Tompkins on Thursday.

You can read their interview here.

'STEPPING BACK FROM THE EDGE': Former reporter and editor Laura Trujillo writes a powerful first-person longform about her mother's suicide. From the story: "We’re not supposed to blame ourselves when someone we love kills herself but often do anyway. What if I hadn’t moved away? What if I’d kept quiet about my stepfather? What if I had answered her phone call that morning?" USA Today editor Nicole Carroll, who lost her grandfather to suicide, explains why "We need to talk about suicide more."

GOING HOME: The California Sunday Magazine has published its first-ever photography issue, focusing on the theme of "Home." Included are photos and audio stories of a family separated from their son by Donald Trump's "zero tolerance" policy and a journey across Oregon of the eight homes a 13-year-old former foster kid has lived in. Bonus: a behind-the-scenes interview with photography director, Jacqueline Bates.

ALL SIGNAL, NO NOISE: Galley, a forum built explicitly to talk about journalism, is now part of Columbia Journalism Review. “Precisely when there is so much in journalism to discuss,” CJR’s Kyle Pope writes, “the places we can have those conversations seem inadequate.” Instead of using comments sections (“toxic"), Facebook (“politically fraught”), email (“impersonal”) and Twitter (“chaotic”), CJR sees Galley as a place where people interested in journalism can find interviews, AMAs, articles, posts, and conversation threads. Log in with Twitter (which Galley looks a lot like) and get started with the user’s guide

THE READ, PART I: If you've had a busy week but crave some great journalism for weekend reading, two major investigations dropped recently. The first is a strikingly detailed story in the New York Times that makes new revelations about Les Moonves. CBS has yet to comment on how these fresh allegations of sexual assault contained in the story will affect his $120 million exit package.

THE READ, PART II: The Miami Herald spent a year investigating how current labor secretary Alexander Acosta, while working as the U.S. attorney for the Southern District of Florida, gave accused pedophile Jeffrey Epstein the "deal of a lifetime." Poynter spoke to reporter Julie K. Brown about her groundbreaking investigation.


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