Reporting Workshop for Rising Stars

DEADLINE: Sept. 13
LOCATION: The Poynter Institute
COST: $1,150

The secret to success isn’t getting to the biggest newsroom; it’s creating the career you want where you are.

The best reporters have a distinct style that not only earns praise, but moves the audience to engage and creates change. In a 24/7 news cycle, standing out is a particularly incredible feat.

Poynter’s new workshop is designed to mentor early-career journalists in a small-group setting to unlock their superstar potential. Participants will grow as investigators and storytellers, and learn how to better manage their personal brand and navigate their career.

Applicants must be nominated by an editor to be considered—and should agree to stay in their current newsroom for at least a year after the workshop.

Like all Poynter training, this workshop will be off-the-record to encourage honest, candid conversation and meaningful connections. Participants will leave with a new cohort to help them achieve success beyond the four-day training.


Erin Ailworth Reporting Stars

Erin Ailworth
Reporter, The Wall Street Journal
Lifetime Member, NAHJ

John D. Sutter
Senior Investigative Reporter

Kelly McBride
Senior Vice President
The Poynter Institute

Doris Truong
Director of Training and Diversity
The Poynter Institute

Program details

This intensive four-day workshop is an investment in journalists with great potential during a time when newsrooms have fewer resources than ever before. Sessions will be devoted to the development of both career and craft. Participants will learn how to thrive in the newsroom by focusing on relationships, culture and communication. They’ll reflect on their own learning and working styles and will be coached on how to build allies and seek opportunities to propel their growth. Through expert one-on-one coaching, they will also gain skills to excel as reporters, writers and original thinkers.

What you will learn


  • Insights into your personality type and communication preferences
  • A framework for defining — and refining — your career objectives
  • Where to find funding for big projects and manage budgets
  • What makes a good mentee and how to mentor your peers
  • Strategies to improve your relationship with your editor
  • How to navigate newsroom culture
  • Advice from fellow journalists on managing life outside of work


  • How to infuse your stories with originality and polish your prose
  • How to balance personality and objectivity in your writing
  • Investigative reporting basics
  • Envision great reporting, both large projects and daily stories
  • Develop sources and manage your material
  • Understand story structures
  • Get the most traction with your successful reporting projects


We will post a tentative schedule closer to the program date.


The tuition is $1,150.

Travel to and from St. Petersburg and your hotel is on your own. Scholarships may be available.

Who should apply

  • Rising star reporters who want to fast-track their career development by growing in their current newsroom
  • Editors who want to retain their top talent
  • Local newsrooms that need to capitalize on the resources they have

Application process

Ask your supervisor to nominate you for this program; you’ll upload their recommendation letter when you apply. Make sure your editor addresses what skills they hope you’ll return with.

Editors – you can fill out the application for your all-star reporter and or work with them to complete it.

Reporters – ask your editor to nominate you for this workshop.


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