Leveraging Your Visual Journalism Skills Within the Organization


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Leveraging Your Visual Journalism Skills Within the Organization

How visual journalists survive the newsrooms.

Type: Webinar

Originally broadcast on June 11, 2018

TIme Estimate: One hour


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From social media posts to 360 degree video, visual journalists should be the highest demand people in a newsroom.

So what can you do to prepare yourself for those positions? And, if you’re in a hiring position, how do you decide who will help move your newsroom forward? This webinar will show you how to benefit from the long tail of the visual journalism expertise in your career.


  • What are the big things in newsrooms right now
  • What can you do to learn about those things
  • How do you become the expert
  • How do you change your own mindset about change
  • How to articulate your vision for journalism


This webinar is designed to help visual journalists arrive and thrive within complex newsroom environments. Part tent revival, part group therapy and part strategy session, you’ll come away with ideas and, hopefully, the energy to execute them within newsrooms.


Mark E. Johnson

Mark E. Johnson is the Senior Lecturer of Photojournalism and Chief Technology Officer at the University of Georgia’s Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication where he oversees the Visual Journalism program. An early digital disciple and technology geek, he believes that the story is always more important than the form it’s presented in.