Living Under the Volcano: What Every Journalist Needs to Know About the News Business


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Living Under the Volcano: What Every Journalist Needs to Know About the News Business

Getting to know the news business.

Type: Webinar

Originally broadcast on April 19, 2018

Time Estimate: One hour


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Journalists know well the challenges and anxiety of falling revenues,
staff cuts and digital transformation unfolding at a breakneck pace.

Beyond the headlines, what deeper business forces are driving the changes? Pessimism is tempting, but journalists — local and national — have reason to think that the demand for their important work is stronger than ever.

Working journalists can survive professionally and prosper in this climate, especially if they can see ahead to how they and the business side can work together on solutions.


  • Understanding the present; anticipating the future
  • Causes for concern; causes for hope
  • When bad owners happen to good journalists
  • Magic bullets versus building blocks
  • The broadcast, digital-only and non-profit variations on media economics
  • Case study: Trying to build paid digital subscriptions


Journalists who seek an independent assessment of the state of
their industry. Business-side professionals are welcome too.


Rick Edmonds

Rick Edmonds is media business analyst for the Poynter Institute where he has done research and writing for the last 15 years. His commentary on the industry appears regularly on He also was co-author of the newspaper chapter of the Pew Research Center’s State of the News Media report 2004 through 2014. He worked as a reporter and editor at the Philadelphia Inquirer from 1977-1982 and worked as an editor and publisher for the St. Petersburg Times organization from 1982-1993.