Build and Monetize Reader Relationships with A Digital Tools Tutorial


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Build and Monetize Reader Relationships with A Digital Tools Tutorial

Getting to know your audience through

Type: Webinar

Originally Broadcast On: February 19, 2015

Time Estimate: One hour.



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Making good decisions in your newsrooms, decisions about all aspects of your organization, requires that you understand your audience. Knowing why someone comes to your site can help influence story selection, Web development and even help you identify new opportunities for generating revenue. Getting to know your audience starts with asking questions about them. provides digital publishers with clear audience insights to answer questions about how readers are responding to content.


    • Four questions you should be asking about your audience
    • How to create a workflow that helps all various departments use the same data differently
    • How to start conversations with your team to help them get comfortable with data
    • A demo on how to answer those questions using’s new analytics dashboard


Editors, reporters, developers, data-analysts, social media editors, marketers, executives and anyone producing content for the Web.


Claire Carr

Clare tells’s story to the world. She spent five years on the publishing side as the Director of Marketing and Online Operations at Greentech Media. Previous to that, she did digital marketing and business development at, the precursor to Groupon, and Venus Zine. Originally from Ohio, she graduated from the University of Virginia with a degree in Environmental Sciences.