CSU Northridge – JOUR 110 News Reporting I: 11909 (Spring 2020) Principe


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Florida Gulf Coast University: JOU 3201-CRN11777 News Editing (Spring 2020)

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CSU Northridge – JOUR 110 News Reporting I 11909 (Spring 2020) Principe

College Edition Course Pack

Welcome CSU Northridge – JOUR 110 News Reporting I: 11909 (Spring 2020) students. Your instructor has assigned this college edition course pack as part of your course.

Course information at-a-glance

College/university: California State University Northridge
Course number: JOUR 110 – 11909
Course title: News Reporting I
Instructor: Darleen Principe

Semester: Spring 2020

Course format: Online, self-directed

Course pack contents:

  1. The Language Primer: Basics of Grammar, Punctuation and Word Use
  2. News Sense: The Building Blocks of News

Course pack assessments:

  1. Language Primer Final Exam: Word Use
  2. Language Primer Final Exam: Punctuation
  3. Language Primer Final Exam: Grammar
  4. Course Assessment: Math and Numeracy Primer

Course location: https://www.poynter.org/courses/csu-northridge-jour-110-news-reporting-i-11909-spring-2020-principe/

Version: Published January 2020