Iowa State University: Language Primer (Fall 2020)


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Iowa State University: JL MC 110 - Orientation to the Greenlee School

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The Language Primer: Iowa State University Edition (Fall 2020)

College Edition Course Pack

Welcome Iowa State University students.

Course information at-a-glance

College/university: Iowa State University
Course number: JL MC 110
Course title: Orientation to the Greenlee School
Academic advisor: Kelsie Poe

Course availability: August 17th, 2020

Course format: Online, self-directed

Course pack contents:

  1. The Language Primer: Basics of Grammar, Punctuation and Word Use

Course pack assessments:

  1. Language Primer Final Exam: Grammar
  2. Language Primer Final Exam: Punctuation
  3. Language Primer Final Exam: Word Use

Course location:

Version: Published June 2020