9 Ways to Edit Yourself (or Anyone Else)


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9 Ways to Edit Yourself (or Anyone Else)

Learn how nine simple tips can help you edit just about anything in a systematic way.


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Editors today face numerous challenges, including constant deadlines on multiple platforms. Many editors are working solo without the benefit of a team to depend on. And many writers are working without the guidance of an editor at all.

This webinar provides nine simple tips for basic editing that will help ensure quality, whether you’re editing your own work or the work of others. It provides a system for working through just about any kind of content on any platform.


  • Why editing matters in the digital age
  • What audiences notice when they review your content
  • How to tackle content in a systematic way
  • How to edit for both mechanics and clarity


This webinar is suitable for editors or writers who work in just about any discipline and who edit on any platform. It’s perfect for beginning editors, but it’s also a solid refresher for veterans. Writers or reporters working without the aid of editors will also find it helpful in providing a surefire way to check their own work.

Laura Browning

Laura M. Browning is the excutive editor for The A.V. Club, a web publication written for the pop-culture obsessed by the pop-culture obsessed (and sister website to The Onion).