Clear, Strong Writing for Broadcast Journalism


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Clear, Strong Writing for Broadcast Journalism

In this one-hour video tutorial, early-career journalists will learn how to make their writing crisper, clearer and more enticing to broadcast audiences.


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Join broadcast veteran Al Tompkins and learn how stronger writing can lead to stronger broadcasts. In this one-hour video lesson, Tompkins will cover how to produce a story that audiences care about in a way that is succinct and sharp, yet memorable and evocative. Touching on the importance of strong leads, story motivators and the value of conflict, this video provides examples of how — and how not — to write and produce quality broadcasts.

Follow up this course with “Powerful Writing: Leverage Your Video and Sound” and learn how to pair your writing with quality video and sound for an even stronger production.


This video is available on demand.

Course learning outcomes

By the end of this course, you’ll be able to:

  1. Establish a central conflict or tension in your story
  2. Utilize motivators to attract a broad audience
  3. Use writing techniques to focus your storytelling
  4. Include details effectively in your story

Who should take this course?

College students aspiring to broadcast careers and early-career producers and broadcasters will benefit.

Al Tompkins, Senior Faculty, Broadcast and Online

Al Tompkins

Senior Faculty

The Poynter Institute

Course producer
Poynter’s News University