Newsroom Ethics in the Coronavirus Era


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Newsroom ethics in the Coronavirus era

Everyone is in information overload. Not just journalists, but news consumers, too. Journalists are not only reporting the story of the pandemic, they’re also experiencing it.

An unprecedented set of ethical challenges need to be navigated as journalists attempt to inform citizens of the risks posed by the coronavirus and hold governments accountable. How do you allocate scarce reporting resources? Should you charge for your work? How do you protect your staff? Are you seeking diverse voices for your reporting?

The Poynter Institute is here to help you make smart decisions about how to approach the biggest story of our time.

Join Kelly McBride as she explores key ethical questions about newsroom ethics in the coronavirus era in a session designed for editors, news directors, producers and executive producers, training directors, ethics professors, and journalists tasked with leading coronavirus coverage.

You will leave the session armed with tools to practice responsible journalism that respects your sources and your audience. You’ll be able to:

  • Identify common ethics issues in covering a global pandemic.
  • Understand how challenges vary by medium, platform and geography.
  • Apply a framework for making clear decisions and communicating the reasoning.
  • Know when and how to be transparent with your audience.